the Penuel project

The Colour: a joyful archipelago in the ocean of light from whose very womb color comes. The whole universe is like the perceptible body of the Creator, the light is its radiant Face, and the colors, the physiognomy. The multiplicity of colors, with shades and transparencies, testifies to the beauty of this Face, letting its splendor and magnificence shine through. Attributes that can be read right into the deep recesses of the universe, and that contemporary science has brought to the eyes and conscience of humanity.

The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 2015 the “International Year of Light”, launching a series of events on a global scale with cultural activities, meetings, reviews, competitions; the proposed themes concerned light, in addition to technologies, industrial orientations and relevant scientific knowledge. I participated in the event with some works, the result of a laboratory research lasting several decades. The prepared compositions exhibit colors coming from the optical phenomenon of light refraction; in fact, the range of the spectrum was used as a raw material for art creations. This combination was immediately defined in the following terms: “Art gives science lyrical connotations and science supports art with its certainties.”

At the end of the international project, this “media installation” remains an open window on the world, with further programming and particular intentions. It is dedicated to little Flavia, who came among us dressed in her own glow, as if she were herself a rainbow, a lily, a sacred song. She doesn’t see; she gradually she learns her world of her, evaluating the edges of the things she touches, listening to sounds, breathing in enticing aromas. Of the colors she cannot know the meaning; she does not perceive the color of the lake, of the ear, nor the burning of the sun that drowns her own sunset within her. Yet she enjoys all the splendor of the light because she certainly looks at the Face of God, what will happen to us, perhaps, beyond the assigned threshold. The project is entitled Penuel, from a lemma of the ancient biblical language which means, precisely: the Face of God., da un lemma dell’antico linguaggio biblico che significa, per l’appunto: il Volto di Dio.

Ulrico S. Montefiore



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