the Penuel project

Colour : the joyous archipelago in the ocean of light from which colour itself originates! The universe is the Creator’s perceptible body, with light as His visage and colour providing His facial features. The multiplicity of tones, shades, transparencies and all kinds of chromatic subtleties stress the beauty of the visage, its brightness and magnificence. Contemporary science has brought such attributes, present in the profound recesses of the Universe, to the eyes and consciousness of Mankind. Contemplation of light and colour provides Man’s sensory happiness and remains his greatest wealth.

The United Nations proclaimed 2015 the “International Year of Light”, initiating a worldwide series of events in which many countries are participating with cultural activities, exhibitions and competitions. The basic theme is light, its relevance to industry and scientific knowledge.

As a hallmark of its ancient culture and undisputed national heritage, an artistic contribution was expected from Italy. This website is the on line instrument to introduce a modern creative initiative. It is Ulrico Montefiore’s contribution to the “International Year of Light”, the work of an artist whose extraordinary images about colour are ever more widely appreciated. The optical phenomena of refracted light plays a major role in his compositions; in fact, the use of the light spectrum becomes the basis for artistic works. A singular and fascinating alliance: “Art bestows lyrical connotation to Science and Science sustains Art with its certainties.”

The present project is named Penuel from an ancient biblical term meaning the Face of God. Montefiore’s work is an anthem to life and beauty, the outcome of genius, art and poetry; an effigy of a great moral issue: the power of Light in opposition to hatred and devastation. It is dedicated to those of goodwill who consider the time has come to oppose the culture of death rife in the world, the darkness of intellectual spirit and the threat to humanity of men whose souls are tarnished black as the uniforms they wear.

Silvia Musumeci



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