Ragguagli operativi EN


The creation of these laboratory images is based on subjective aesthetic orientations, combined with an interest in science and the pleasure of research. Such images often reveal unusual qualities because the creator of the extraordinary colour quality is not man, and the colours do not come from pigments or other dyes. The raw material is the natural light that burns, with its properties, on created things.

We know that when light passes through transparent bodies, the rays are as if slowed down and are deflected. If such objects are struck obliquely, the light refracts, making manifest the most sumptuous gift: the colours of the iris. The study of this phenomenon can be further investigated using instruments for analysing materials in polarised light.

The basic compositions consist of minute natural crystals, methacrylate flakes, facetted glass, mica, jellies... materials that induce the refraction of light. The colours observed in this way can be modified according to personal criteria by rotating the second polarising filter, called an analyser. The results are then transferred to a computer. The digital technologies now available allow files to be printed in high definition and with very high colour quality.



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